April 26, 2019

IFBC Workshop

International Field Biology Course (IFBC)- A One-Day Workshop

Research Center for Limnology – LIPI in partnership with IFBC -DIWPA is pleased to announce A one-day IFBC workshop. The seats are limited up to 50 participants only. Take action and join the program by register yourself online (REGISTER ONLINE) to join workshop.
Date             : August 27, 2019

Theme         : Basic Method For Stream Ecology

Scope           : Physical measurement, Biological sampling, Biota identification.

Location     : Upstream of Citarum River, West Java, Indonesia

Instructors : Prof Shin-ichi Nakano and Prof. Hiromi Uno.

Registration fee Rp. 400.000/$ 50. The certificate is also provided for participants.

Start at 06.00 a.m from Salak Hotel Heritage heading to the location in upstream of Citarum River (by bus).


For those, who have not registered, we will open the registration (and complete the payment) in the Salak Hotel-The Heritage on August 27, 2019 early in the morning at 5.30 a.m., before we go to the workshop venue in Cibodas Botanical Garden.



Please check the IFBC schedule:

IFBC 2019_Schedule and personal equipment_