October 8, 2018


Conference programs

There will be several programs during the conference.

1. Plenary sessions

In plenary session, invited keynote speakers will be presenting main issues. Three keynote speakers will be assigned for each day of the conference.

2. Thematic sessions

All select abstracts/papers will be classified according to the relevant topics. The oral presentations of each topic will be conducted in separate meeting rooms.

3. Poster sessions

Apart from oral presentations, the conference will also host poster presentations. Exclusive time is set aside for this session to facilitate comfortable talks between participants.

4. Workshop

Workshop will be held as pre-conference event. We going to collaborate with International Field Biology Course (IFBC-DIWPA) Kyoto University-Japan ( http://diwpa.ecology.kyoto-u.ac.jp/). The instructors are the experts invited from IFBC to give a lecture and training. Following the workshop, field trip to fascinating sites is executed. However for IFBC workshop, limited seats with additional fee, will have to be added or contact us for further information.

5. Special sessions

Tentative sessions include: SEALNet forum and Lake’s forum.


Highlight of the program