May 11, 2019

SEALNet Forum

SEALNet Forum

“Introducing LAKES as A Knowledge Database System”

Coincide with TROPLIMNO Conference, SEALNet will introduce LAKES as a knowledge database system.

LAKES stand for Learning Acceleration and Knowledge Enchancement System, has been developed over the past decade at Research Center for Sustainability in collaboration with International Lake Environment Committee Foundation (ILEC).  It is designed for instantaneous ‘mining’ of a vast body of information and data, in the form of PDF format of Microsoft® Office products, i.e., Words, Excel, and Power Point, having been pre-compiled (pre-imported) into the System. The mining can be performed using free keywords as well as interchangeable thesauruses, i.e., rapidly identifying sentences, figures, tables, paragraphs, pages, chapters. The system has multi-lingual capacity for the Latin languages (e.g., French, Spanish, etc.) or the pseudo-Latin linguistic structure languages (e.g., Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, Tagalog, etc.).

Venue: Salak Hotel- The Heritage